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Lawyer as the "most exciting legal profession"

or the attempt of a law firm philosophy

“The extraordinary does not happen in a smooth, ordinary way.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832, German poet)

As a legal services company, we offer our clients tailor-made solutions in legal structuring, out-of-court conflict management and unavoidable court proceedings, or are simply available as strategic or tactical advisors.

We are proud of the special jurisprudential level of our work. With regular publications on current legal problems, we prepare our clients for upcoming legal problems; staying á jour as lecturer, examiner, and learner is a matter of honor for us. We have consciously chosen the legal profession, we are proud to be able to turn the “legal” as well as the “factual” screw with fun and understanding at the same time and to act for our clients. We are most pleased about project successes which, in addition to the skilful use of legal tools, were the result of intensive and, last but not least, harmonious interdisciplinary cooperation with outstanding representatives of other disciplines and our clients, and in which we ourselves successfully thought our way deep into other disciplines or industries. With self-confidence we stand by the Füßer & Kollegen style, which is characterized by (as far as possible) renunciation of polemics, concentration (on the essential), precision (of the work results) as well as clarity (of the line of thought) and which is uniformly cultivated by all of us. We cultivate this style not least because it enables us to work together “seamlessly” on cases, even as a team.

In order to be able to work successfully in this way, we rely on a team that works hand in hand, both professionally and personally, and is well-rehearsed over the long term. In this team, decisions are made in a manner that is close to their impact, and there is individual responsibility and mutual trust. We are always open to imaginative lawyers, strong yet team-oriented personalities who are able to make their mark with us, and who contribute their thoughts and desire to promote projects. For a law firm like ours, however, there are obvious “limits to growth”. We want to remain “small and fine”. If a matter brought to us goes beyond our horizon in terms of subject matter or resources, we cooperate with other legal service providers of the same professionalism, if necessary, on the basis of good experience, and also take responsibility for the recommendations we make. In the interest of the matter at hand, we are also happy to join existing teams, even under external leadership.

We are happy to face the increasing pressure to innovate in the legal market. However, we do not just want to survive this development process, but to help shape it. Identifying opportunities for improvement in organization, technology, internal and external communication, and in the development and presentation of our services is our daily business. We like to involve our customers in this process. In order for us to learn from mistakes, criticism is welcome and a reason to question and improve working methods.